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    Unexpected loss for Koe’s curling team at Pyeongchang
    In a rather unexpected turn of events, Canada left the winter Olympics in PyeongChang without a medal in both men and or women curling. Kevin Koe‘s rink lost 7-5 to Switzerland in the bronze-medal game. For team Koe, the score was their second loss of the competition to Switzerland. On Day 14,…
  • The one and only cross-country skier from Tonga at the Olympics
    The one and only cross-country skier from Tonga at the Olympics
    You might not remember him by his name, Pita Taufatofua, but probably you do remember the flag-bearer from Tonga at the Rio Olympics in 2016. Pita changed sports in order to make it to the Winter Olympics as the only cross-country skier from Tonga. During the Rio Olympics, his sport was taekwondo.…
  • Who is Chris Wood?
    Who is Chris Wood?
    Christopher Grant Wood is a professional footballer who hails from New Zealand. He plays the position of a striker (Number 11) for Burnley, a club in the English Premier League. Wood is also the vice-captain for the New Zealand national football team. Professional Career Chris Wood began his senior…
  • NFL players train for life after football
    NFL players train for life after football
    Some NFL players were working at a retail store in Manhattan.
  • What to know about Andre de Grasse and Eric Lamaze
    What to know about Andre de Grasse and Eric Lamaze
    The 2016 Rio Olympic Games held a surprise for many. Veterans were toppled by underdogs, which added to the Olympic spirit. The 100 and 200 meters splints are always the events packed with anxiety, pressure, and glory. Usain Bolt is always the favorite to carry home the gold. The Rio Olympics had…
  • Azarenka Found The Game Of Tennis Lucrative Since Her First Stint With It When She Was Just Seven
    Azarenka Found The Game Of Tennis Lucrative Since Her First Stint With It When She Was Just Seven
    Born in Belarus, Victoria Azarenka is a professional tennis player who went on to play professional tennis at the age of 14 in 2003. She went through a lot before she bagged the gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics. She was the victor in the 2012 Australian Open with her first Grand Slam title and…
  • Is There Inequity For Women Athletics?
    Is There Inequity For Women Athletics?
    Schools, Colleges and Universities – every educational institute provides funding for women athletics. But is it enough? Is it enough when compared to the funds being provide to the male counterparts? Yes! This happens explicitly all over the world. Women athletes may be provided funds,…
  • Mountain Lions in the Semifinal!
    Mountain Lions in the Semifinal!
    Certainly, it was an easy match for the mighty Mountain Lions. They just smashed the Hollidaysburg with their ferocious paw. The final result of the match shows the Mountain Lions aggression on the Hollidaysburg. They just crushed Hollidaysburg and proved that they are one of the best demandants of…
  • CMR’s Taylor Edwards Signs With Montana State Billings
    CMR’s Taylor Edwards Signs With Montana State Billings
    If you thought that Taylor Edwards is afraid of being tested you are wrong, in fact, she prefers a challenge. On Wednesday, Edwards, a senior guard at C.M. Russell High, signed an NCAA Division II scholarship offer which was presented to her by Montana State Billings women’s basketball…
  • Natalie Gulbis
    Natalie Gulbis
    Natalie Gulbis was born on January 7, 1983. She is of Latvian descent, but she plays golf for America in LPGA Tournaments. Natalie is born in Sacramento, California. Very early, at the age 4, she started showing interest in golf. With the 7 years she won her first tournament. At the age 14, she…

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    Can You Be Fat and Still Fit?
    Is it possible to be fat and still fit? Recent studies suggest that an overweight person doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy. According to a study by the National Cancer Institute in 2012, overweight people lived longer than thinner individuals. Another study showed that some obese people have…
  • Why should you NOT avoid salt in your diet?
    Why should you NOT avoid salt in your diet?
    Parecelsus, a Swiss Physician once said, "Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy." In other words, one teeny-weeny drop of a deadly poison will not have an effect on you, as probably will not a teaspoon of sugar. However, if…
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    Becoming vegetarian: how and why
    Forgoing meat is already a strong movement in the world of food and many people are vegetarian.
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    Five nutritious things you can do with hard boiled eggs.
    Hard-boiled eggs. They’re an easy and inexpensive way to add a boost of protein to any meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even as a snack. However, there’s so much more a home chef can do with them. Here are five ways to use your hard-boiled eggs. Option 1: Egg Salad Take 6-8…